Deadlifting – Lifting Log


I’ll be squatting tomorrow with Sam, and he wanted me to take some time off from pushing, so I figured I’d capitalize on taking some time to practice deadlifting. And I mean it… Not just pulling to try and make some numbers go up, but really practice making every rep feel the exact same. I was expecting my pecs and delts to be rocked today based on yesterday’s workout, but I managed to survive.

I started my warmups by focusing on my ankle mobility. Since I’ll be squatting tomorrow, I wanted to pay this special attention. I got my quads stretched out by elevating my foot on a box and getting into a lunge-like stance with my back knee on the ground. To limber up my hamstrings, I did some single leg ¬†kettlebell deadlifts with some light weight, but it really helps me to engage my glutes at the top of the ROM.

I started off nice and light with quarter plates on the bar for 95. While I’m working on my setup, I’m also trying to introduce hook grip into my arsenal. Lighter weights are a perfect candidate for trying it out since it really rocks my hands. I’m getting blisters in places I never have after only a couple of workouts. I also decided I’d setup some 2.5 lbs plates on the ground to mark where the bar started so that I could ensure it was ending up in the same spot for every rep. Spoiler alert: I didn’t have a single rep the entire workout that traveled far enough to hit the plates when going back to the starting position.

I took my time ramping up hitting sets of five and three . My intention was to get to 315 for a nice single and keep good form, then quit. However, 315 came up nice and quickly and since I was perfectly setup for a second rep, I pulled that up nice and quick too. I decided to go a bit further today and hit 335 and 355 for singles. Again, pretty good speed (355 started to slow down), but each time the bar was placed right back in the starting position. I was impressed with the consistency.

I finished up my workout by doing some pullups and a few bicep/hammer curls. Just a little something to get my back a bit pumped, and some biceps since I’m a big fan of doing more frequent but lower volume bicep work. Overall, solid workout and I’m really happy with how it went.

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