Bench Personal Training – Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training - Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training

This is a bit of a double whammy since Friday night and today were both training for bench press. Yesterday I was on my own going over some deadlift technique, but nothing special… So Friday was spec’d to be heavy 5×5 benching and today was all about reps and speed. let’s just say that Sam and I both agreed we’ll take some time off benching to recover from this one.

Let’s start with Friday. I got going with some routine stretches… made sure to get my lats really stretched and leaned into the bands to get my shoulders nice and loose. After 15-20 minutes of stretching and a few sets of pushups I was feeling nice and warmed up. Right with the first few reps of the bar things felt pretty good. I had my traps and shoulders dug right into the bench and I was able to lower the bar straight down without any strange bar path business going on. We decided to capitalize on this, so we we got ramping up relatively heavy. Once we hit 265, I hit that for two sets of singles. The best part is that the bar speed for the first couple of inches off my chest at 265 was still quick. I needed a bit of guidance with the bar but the speed off my chest was still impressive.

After singles it was time for 5×5. It’s been a couple of days so I can’t recall exactly what the weights were at, but I do recall doing a set of 205… I just can’t remember the varying weights that were used. I think I ended up down at 185 by the end of all of it. Regardless, I was feeling pretty awesome and maintaining both good technique and bar speed off my chest.

Today started off close to the same way. I made sure to stretch out well and got some mobility drills in for my shoulders. There’s a few things I’ve been practicing to be able to press my hands above my (getting my bicep right beside my ear) without my entire body tweaking/twisting to accomplish it. My right side is definitely better at it, but my left side is catching up. It’s really noticeable when I try to overhead press with solid form.

When I got to the bench, Sam said we’d be ramping by 10s. Kind of scary to hear considering my muscles get fatigued super fast, but we need to work on my weaknesses. I have to suck it up. We started pretty low, so 95, 135, 155, 175, 195, 205. and then 205 again. I wasn’t really keeping track of the weight as we ramped, but I thought 205 was 195. I did it for 7 reps. That’s some sort of PR for me I’m pretty sure. Again, through all of these sets I was actually bringing the bar down straight with no strange travel and then getting great speed from the bottom. Things seemed to be clicking the past few sessions.

Once we were done with that, we did 5×5 around 145-160 with bands on the bar (anchored to the bottom to add tension at the top of the ROM). Every set at least the first three reps were rock solid with a good amount of speed. The last two were trickier but I still kept the form and pushed into the bench.

The accessory work was some standing Arnold presses superset with pushups, and then dips superset with super wide grip pushups. My delts were so fried when doing the normal pushups that I couldn’t even do 10 reps with Sam helping me on my third set. It was crazy. Once he said we were going to do dips I thought I was going to die. Anyway, it was painful as hell but I can’t be upset about not hitting a ton of pushups after all the volume that preceeded. We finished up with some band resistance situps… and then my core was torched just as well as my chest, delts, and triceps.

Solid weekend of lifting.

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