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No, you’re not seeing double. I didn’t write about my leg training session with Sam yesterday, but my last workout on my own was deadlifting. And a little insider tip I got tonight also told me I’ll be deadlifting tomorrow. I was even told it was totally cool for me to deadlift today to practice… So that’s exactly what I did.

For my stretching and warmups today, I focused on my hips and my ankles. Hips are a necessity and I’m trying to ensure I get adequate ankle mobility time now. Afterward, I gave my lats a good stretching so that when I focused on squeezing them when pulling I wouldn’t have any surprises. Alright, good to go!

Like usual, I started my pulls with 135. I did one rep and said “Nope. Nope. Nope”. Guess what? This genius didn’t stretch his glutes/hamstrings. I guess I’m actually trying to use them in my setup now since I couldn’t even setup to do a SINGLE rep properly. So while warming up with a few sets of 135, I did some vigorous stretching of my hamstrings and glutes by posting up on a box with my leg across it. It only took about 3 rounds of doing this between sets before I noticed an insane improvement.

Most of my sets were done at 225 and 275 tonight. I did a few sets at each weight for triples. Towards the end, I noticed my initial pull was far better than every subsequent pull (which means I probably need to work on setting back up between reps). In the spirit of practicing something good, I stuck to singles for a bit more weight. 315 I pulled for a single pretty easily… as I would hope. 335 was also pretty decent (which is where IĀ stoppedĀ on Monday). I decided to give it a little bit more and shot for 355. While I pulled 355 off the ground (without killing myself), I actually noticed that right before pulling off the ground I actually lost some of the tension in my hamstrings. Obviously not what I wanted, but it was pretty interesting to actually notice. I’d likely attribute it to a bit of hesitation right when I tried to get the bar moving off the ground (or maybe I hesitated because I lost hamstring tension?!)

The rest of my workout was very similar to what I did on Monday night. Bent over rows to hit some back, tricep cable work, dumbbell curls/hammers for biceps, and some rollouts for core work. I also did a few rounds of single leg kettlebell deadlifts superset with my ankle mobility drills on one of the short step-up platforms.

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