Deadlifting – Lifting Log

Deadlifting - Lifting Log


Haven’t written a lifting log in a while, so it’s time to get back in the habit of typing them up. I’ve been making a ton of progress with Sam identifying pain points in my lifts, so I’m doing my best to try and work through them when I’m not training with him directly. Tonight, I wanted to work on my setup for deadlifting. This was a weak point that we identified last time we were pulling, so I had a bunch of things to practice.

Like almost every session now, I started off by stretching. I wanted to get some quad stretches in tonight since I usually do a lot of hamstring and hip stretching anyway. I’ve identified a few quad stretches that I’m absolutely horrible at, so they’re a perfect candidate for working on. I also made sure to get some ankle mobility drills in so that I can improve that for all of my leg work. Again, another pain point in my training is my lack of ankle flexibility.

Once I was feeling loosened up, I started my pulls with sets of 5 at just one plate. I think my old setup for conventional pulling when I was training on my own was actually pretty close to where I want to be, but I want to re-teach myself the setup steps so that I can really focus on a few things. So for now my setup is as follows… Walk up to the bar about 3 inches away from my shins. Bend over and grab the bar so that my shins are touching, but ensure that the bar is lined up around mid way with my lats. From here, I take the slack out of my arms not by rounding my shoulders forward, but by flexing my lats and traps. This was one mistake in my previous training sessions that was causing back rounding at heavier weights. Once my back is braced, I keep the tension in my lats and traps, and straighten my legs. I then sit back and load my hamstrings while still keeping the tension in my lats and traps. Tonight, this proved to work pretty well.

I worked at pretty low weights today, but eventually got to 335 for a single. I felt like my form was starting to slip from where I wanted it right at that weight, so I decided I’d come back down and pull 135 for triples for several sets. Out of all the reps across all the sets, I had a few at various weights between 135 and 335 that actually felt like everything just clicked. What I mean is that my setup lead into a rep that seemed to pop off the ground so the rest of the pull was basically trivial. I’ll obviously continue to focus on that until I can master the little details that lead up to it.

The rest of my workout was pretty simple stuff. I hit some bent over rows to get a bit more back work in. I followed it up with tricep rope pulldowns and really focused on holding the lockout position. Why? Because my triceps appear to be stupidly week at lockout. I did the same with some dips right after. I followed that up with some dumbbell curl + hammer curl supersets just to get some blood back in my biceps. I finished the workout off with single leg kettle bell deadlifts (since I’m horrible at them) and some ab wheel rollouts.

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