Squat Training – Lifting Log

Squat Training - Lifting Log

Squat Training

After benching yesterday, I knew I’d be right back at squatting today. That one’s pretty obvious with Sam. Getting to the gym early on squat day is key for ensuring I’m totally warmed up. Sam let me know we’d be hitting some heavy squats today, so that meant aiming for singles.

I got under the bar for triples ramping from 135 all the way up to around 275ish. Kind of lost track where we stopped the triples, but due to lower bar placement, I was starting to tip forward. We decided we’d keep upping the weight, focus on standing upright with the bar a bit higher, and go right to singles. It took a couple attempts to get it right, but I knocked down 315 (not a PR) for a single with the bar in a pretty comfortable position. My biggest struggle is that I feel very balanced and structurally secure when the bar is low, but it causes me to lean forward and places stress on my left arm. When the bar is high, I feel like I’m not stable, but it lets me squat straight up and down. Balancing those two styles of squat is tricky, so I need to pay attention to which is working better. It looks like the bar just below a high bar squat was the winner after tonight.

After squatting singles, we dropped to 240 to start hitting sets of 5. I kept track of the bar placement, so I squatted 240, 250, and 260 for sets of 5. Each set actually got better and better as I was getting in the groove of bar placement. I asked Sam to cue me for when I should start to engage my legs to turn the bar around as well. At heavier weights, I have a problem with trying to get really low but trying to turn the bar around too late. When it’s lighter weight, it’s not such a big deal. As it gets heavier, if I’m too late to try and turn the bar around then I end up getting pinned. Regardless, 260 is my new 5RM PR!

After squatting, it was some lighter lunges with kettle bells, but I knew that meant I was hitting Bulgarian split squats after. I absolutely hate these. Seriously. Even with 25 pound dumbbells, a set of these leaves me sweating like crazy, both quads cramped right up, and completely our of breath. It’s insane and I have no idea why I find it so challenging. After a few rounds of that, I went into planks superset with medicine ball throws. The second set of planks was insanely hard because my shoulders were too sore to hold any of my weight. Let’s just say that Sam knows how to order my lifts in my workout.

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