Bench Personal Training – Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training - Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training

I haven’t been writing the past few days, but I’ve still been going hard at the gym. I’ve been trying to clean my eating a bit more by incorporating more vegetables (stick ’em in the rice cooker and call it done). Annnd I also figured I’d get a back progress shot up, although I have no idea how to flex my biceps in this pose and take a picture at the same time. Since I squatted with Sam yesterday, we hit the bench hard today.

I warmed up pretty well today getting both my lower body and upper body primed before even toughing a weight. Some body weight lunges and some pushups to get the blood flowing, and then band stretches to get things loose. I started benching with sets of 10 and 8 at 135 and 185. I figured I’d be going into a high volume day with Sam, but from that point on we switched to singles. The goal is to get me away from making small 5/10 lbs jumps as I ramp my singles. It ends up wasting too much energy. So tonight I worked up from 225 to 285 for singles. 275 was definitely comfortable to lower the bar down, but I think 285 is still that number where┬áI can’t comfortably lower the bar (i.e. my left side wants to give out as a natural reaction to keep from putting too much tension on the left side of my body). Anyway, I was still pretty psyched about ramping that high.

Instead of hitting high volume sets on the way back down, we switched things up today. I did some sets with bands at around 185-205 for doubles. These felt really comfortable and really made me strain to lock out. It felt great to try and throw the weight off my chest as the band loosened up too. After banded benching, we switched over to floor press. This was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. The fact that I couldn’t leverage a throw from the bottom position made it a lot trickier. Sam was right though. It definitely helped me focus on squeezing my shoulder blades back.

After all of the pressing, we finished up with core. I did three rounds of weighted planks superset with medicine ball throws. We switched form the lighter ball to the heavier ball on the middle set, and it totally killed me. It’s only a few pounds more, but when you’re chucking it overhead it really makes a big difference.

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