Overhead Pressing – Lifting Log

Overhead Pressing - Lifting Log

Overhead Pressing

After a big weekend of squatting and a little insider tip that I’ll be pulling or benching tomorrow, I took the opportunity to get some overhead pressing in tonight. I figured I’d get that out of the way, hit some rear delts, and then work some back since that’s something I need to bring up. Oh boy did the overhead pressing go well tonight.

I’ve been trying to take a tip from Sam and apply it to training in general. Essentially, unless you’re doing the exact same workout (i.e. same sets, reps, and weight to warmup,¬†you can potentially be hitting different PRs every day. I don’t mean a new one rep max… It could be a three rep max. It could be a new record for how many sets of triples you could do at a certain weight. There’s a ton of different ways to look at it. With that said, one of my goals is to hit singles for overhead pressing in at least the 160 range (i.e. break past bodyweight) or to get back to my old five rep max at 135. Instead of just trying to add 5 lbs every week or add one more rep every week, I’ve been playing around with targeting different PRs to get me to where I want to be. It’s been working.

Tonight, I decided I’d try to hit a new three rep max at 140. I figured this should be totally attainable. I hit 135 for four and 145 for two previously, so 140 for two should be doable. To start off the overhead pressing, I hit a couple sets with just the bar to really ensure I was engaging my glutes and hamstrings when driving the bar up. I didn’t waste too much energy ramping, so an easy set at 65, then 95, 115, and then down to just a single at 130. I wanted to get that extra set to ramp, but I didn’t want to waste energy on it. 130 flew up easily, so that was probably good for my nervous system and my confidence. I loaded up 140 to go for my triple, but I didn’t hit it.¬†Instead, I hit it for four reps because I magically had one more in me. So instead of setting a new three rep max, I set a new four rep max. I’ll take the five pound jump. Next time I’m definitely going for five at 135. I know I have it in me. I finished up all of the overhead pressing my hitting a few rounds of doubles at 135 which all felt super comfortable.

Next, I did some pullups with various grips. As I wrote last time, we’ve identified that my back strength isn’t up to par with my leg strength. I didn’t want to do anything super heavy for my back tonight since I might be pulling tomorrow, so pullups superset with some dumbbell curl variations worked out nicely. I started to notice my left brachioradialis is definitely getting strained. I’ve been noticing this the last few training sessions with Sam when I talk about “getting tight” in my left side. It’s actually screwing up my bench (because I can’t lower the bar properly) and my squat (because I can’t brace the bar comfortably) so I need to take some extra care. I decided to can the minimal bicep work early.

I finished up the workout by doing some TRX variations for my rear delts. I feel so silly saying this because I never thought I’d use a TRX… But honestly, it’s destroying my rear delts. I got in some TBar rows for sets of 10 working up to only two plates so I could practice keeping my posture properly. And finally, I rolled the hell out of my forearms and biceps, did some ab wheel rollouts, and then a few rounds of planks. Here’s hoping that my arm is good for tomorrow. Icing it as I type!

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