Squat Training – Lifting Log

Squat Training - Lifting Log

Squat Training

Wanted to save this log for today instead of writing two separate squat training logs in a row. Sam gave me a little heads up yesterday that even though we were going to squat, we were going to squat again today. After two grueling sessions… the numbers are in. My squat is stronger. I’ll describe yesterday’s workout and then what I focused on today.

Yesterday was all about trying to find a true 1RM with my most comfortable squatting stance. This meant a bit wider than normal for my foot placement, and the bar a bit lower than usual (with a narrower hand placement to keep tight). We ramped up taking relatively small steps once we hit 250 territory, but since the number of reps dropped off too, I wasn’t taking that much of a beating. For my top sets, I nailed 310, 325, and 335. 335 would be the new PR for me! On the last few sets of singles, Sam and I both noticed that I wasn’t coming up as vertical as we both would have liked. This is likely because my legs are significantly stronger than my core and back.

With that said, Sam didn’t want to hit volume sets for squatting right after. We had a big squat day planned for the following day (er… so, that’s today) so he wanted to focus on some back movements. Because… well.. we just proved my back isn’t up to snuff with my legs. This part of the workout was insane. I hit big supersets of pullups, rows, T-Bar rows, and some crazy TRX row/pull variations. By the end of all of it, my rear delts and upper back were absolutely fried, and I couldn’t even hold the barbell with 135 on it to row it. When I woke up today, my hands were actually sore from trying to grip things when pulling yesterday. Holy…

Going in today I knew we were going to be hitting a ton of squat volume. I made sure to get there well in advance so I could adequately warmup my hips and hamstrings. I made sure to do a whole pile of bodyweight walking lunges to open up my hips. I started my actual training session too by doing a ton of squats in different stances with just the bar. Once it was time to start loading up weight, Sam got the bands set up on the squat rack (such that the bottom of the squat would be lighter) so that I could focus on accelerating out of the hole. Long story short, I worked up to a single at 350. So of course this is actually not as heavy as normal because the bands are on it to help in the hole, but it’s still a new PR for me for bands (and to be fair, anything with bands setup this way would be a PR for me).

Once I hit 350 for a squat single, we came back down so that I could hit a couple sets of six at 285. Again, I know the bands are helping me here… that’s the whole point! After squats, I got to do my favourite… Walking lunges followed by bulgarian split squats. I’m sure my quads will be torched tomorrow from those. I ended the workout on my own by doing a few rounds of ab wheel rollouts and foam rolling my left arm which has been causing me some grief over the past few workouts.

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