Bench Personal Training – Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training - Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training

I’ve been pretty quiet online the past couple of days just because I wanted to slack on the writing… not because I’m slacking on the gym. Quite the opposite. Training with Sam on Tuesday ended up frying my quads so badly that they still hurt TODAY. Yesterday I hit back pretty hard which felt awesome… And tonight was all about bench press. I got up pretty heavy and hit some burnout sets after too.

I got to training pretty early because I wanted to ensure I was properly warmed up. I got some pushups in alongside my hip, hamstring, and shoulder stretches. By the time I was setup to hit my first set of bench, I felt pretty good. We were going to tweak a variable today: my grip width. I usually bench pretty narrow… Like, super narrow compared to your typical commercial gym lifter. My triceps are proportionally a bit bigger too, so that’s probably why. Today for bench Sam had me move my hands out so my pinkies were on the next set of rings. Now of course all the bars around the world are slightly different, but for some perspective, I used to line up my hands based on the inner rings on the bar. The sets to follow were surprisingly awesome.

I started with just the bar, and that already felt more stable. Hard to tell if it was the new width or just because I warmed up well. As soon as we started ramping weight, I could tell the grip was having a big effect on my bench. I actually nailed 225 for a solid 4 completely on my own i.e. Sam wasn’t even ready to guide the bar for spotting. I worked up to 250 for 4, and then afterwards 270, 280, and 290 were all singles. Between 270 and 280 is where I find I lose a lot of the tension I want to keep in lowering the bar to my chest, so that’s obviously something I need to focus on. So, Sam clearly keeps the bar in an upward trend for me, but I’m definitely getting stronger than when I was training on my own. By forcing me to load up with weight I wouldn’t normally dare touch on my own, my body is being forced to adapt.

After the singles, I dropped back down to 225 for two sets of six. The last few reps on each of those needed some spotting, but again, the idea is just to put my body under some serious stress. I hit a few sets of pushups with my feet elevated pretty high, which definitely sapped the last bit of strength out of my body… But that’s not the end.  I did a couple sets of dips (assisted so I could hit the ~20 rep range) which was also helped to fry my triceps and pecs.

I finished up with some core which was a nice shift from focusing on my upper body. A few rounds of bicycle/flutter kicks and some medicine ball throws made me feel like I ran a marathon. I guess my cardio and breathing isn’t great, but holy… I felt drained after that workout!

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