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Overhead Pressing

After a busy weekend and some heavy lifting, I decided to spend tonight on overhead pressing. I benched on Saturday with Sam getting up to 280 for a single and warmed up thoroughly so that I didn’t have any odd straining feelings as we were ramping up. Only once I hit 280 did my left side feel a bit strained. Yesterday I focused on pulling and really tried to practice my narrow-knees-flared stance. Tonight, I wanted to hit a 4 rep max for overhead pressing.

I spent the first little while in the gym warming up. When I’m not training with Sam, I still want to ensure I’m getting my mobility drills in, especially when I’m doing some bigger lifts (like benching, deadlifting, or overhead pressing). I made sure to get my shouldered warmed up and stretched out, and even focused on trying to warm up my upper back by doing some band pulls. Once I was feeling limber, I ramped with triples up to 115 over four sets or so. 125 I only hit a double so that I could get that small weight increment but not exhaust myself. 135 for four was actually easier than I thought. The first three reps were totally fluid. The final rep I paused to catch my breath, and still managed to accelerate the bar off my shoulder shelf. I decided I’d still try to go for a 1 RM for the day, and barely squeezed out 145 for a single. I did it though.

Atferwards, I decided to hit a set of 10 at 105, which was brutal. I cut it down to two sets of eight at 95 afterward and while that was challenging, I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing my form to get the second half of my target reps. After my overhead pressing was done, I wanted to hit some traps and rear delts. I did some shrugs with a wide grip from my flared knees stance and tried to pop the bar up into position. I followed that up with your typical narrow-grip shrug and held the reps at the top. I’ve never been a fan of half-assed mini shrug reps with way too much weight. It seems stupid to me.

I did some accessory work after to target my rear delts a bit more, including some cable rear delt raises, face pulls, and then reverse pec deck. As I right this, I can feel my traps and rear delts starting to get more sore. When finishing up my workout, I did some planks superset with foam rolling on my upper back/shoulders and band pulls to loosen up my back. Finally, I foam rolled my hamstrings since I’m positive I’ll be squatting tomorrow.

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