Arms Day – Lifting Log

Arms Day - Lifting Log

Arms Day

Well I had a heavy squat day with Sam yesterday, and I’ll be training with him tomorrow. It… Only made sense that I hit arms today. I’m noticing a tightness creeping in to some of my upper body so I’m going to make sure to foam roll tonight so that I *should* be good to go tomorrow for training with Sam.

Typical opener with triples on close grip bench. I worked up to 175 for triples and then hit two sets of 155 at five reps just to switch things up a bit. Supersetted all of that with straight bar curls. I moved over to dips where I worked on stretching out my chest, shoulders, and lats between sets and hit Fat Gripz straight bar curls as well. First set of dips is where I really noticed my upper body tightness, but the stretching between sets helped.

I moved on over to some rope pulldowns mixed in with Fat Gripz straight bar spider curls. That’s a mouthful… Wow. Had a couple twerp dipshits not clue in that I was doing some supersets (even though my stuff was set up on the preacher curl rack) so I had to abort the curls a bit early. Next was tricep cable pushdowns and standard dumbbell hammer curls. Again, the hammer curls I start to notice a crazzzzzy pump. Love it.

Last couple of exercises was high rep french press and Fat Gripz dumbbell hammer curls mixed together and then Fat Gripz dumbbell spider curls and EZ bar reverse curls. What did I do next? I legitimately had to foam roll my forearms because they were so beat up. Yeah. That happened. I also foam rolled my biceps in between sets of planks and ab wheel rollouts.

And now… time to foam roll the rest of my body.

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