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Squat Training

Tonight was a bit rushed getting to the gym because I stayed a bit later than I meant to at work. On the bright side, I rushed from work to training so I actually got there a bit early for  my squat workout. I had ample time to warmup and stretch, and Sam and I actually started a few minutes early which was nice. So it was definitely a squat day.

Sam let me know early on I could stick to my slightly wider foot placement, narrower grip, and slightly lower bar style of squat that we tried over the weekend. Basically hitting 6’s, 4’s, and singles I worked up to a new 1RM of 335… I think. If it wasn’t then it was 325-330. I was actually trying not to pay attention to the weight so that I wouldn’t psyche myself out, but now I legitimately can’t recall what I hit. My left shoulder was bothering me the whole time, which sucked since my narrower grip was putting a ton of strain on it. It made it so that I felt like I couldn’t squeeze the bar hard with my left side and I’m sure that had an effect on my squatting. Anyway, I was happy with it.

Of course, after working up to a squat 1RM, Sam likes to get crazy and make me do sets of 10 squats. The first set was at 225. Previously when attempting this, I had him right behind me to make sure I wouldn’t get stuck at any point. With this squat stance, I was actually able to get through all 10 reps completely on my own. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard, but it was definitely more comfortable to do than when I do straight up high-bar squat. Next set was 235 which was a brutal set of 10… and then finally a set of 240 for 10 reps which I believe is a PR. Saying that I was winded after that is an absurd understatement.

After the squats were wrapped up, we moved into lunges. I noticed that anything over 12 steps (6 per leg) makes my recovery shoot through the roof. I did 16 steps initially with a 45 and I was winded. At 70, 85, and 95 lbs and 12 steps my recovery time actually became less and less. Mind you, that could have been because I wasn’t hitting a set of 10 squats at 240 right before, but I honestly think it has a lot to do with how many steps I take when lunging.

I wrapped up the workout hitting glute ham raises and I know that I’ll be forced to foam roll tonight if I want to make it through tomorrow. I also hit some ab wheel variations that let me stretch out my hips while I was working on my core. Definitely an awesome workout, but I’m pumped for arms tomorrow.

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