Overhead Pressing – Lifting Log

Overhead Pressing - Lifting Log

Overhead Pressing

Didn’t post over the weekend but I had a solid upper body session with Sam on Friday, big squat session on Saturday, and yesterday I took the day off to catch up on sleep and visit my friends.I have training tomorrow, so tonight I wanted to focus on my¬†overhead pressing and work on some of my mobility drills. Overall, I’d say it was a success.

I started off my overhead pressing workout by stretching out and warming up my upper body. I made sure to hit the band stretches hard to really open up my shoulders and make sure they were loose. Once I felt pretty good, I hit a few sets with just the bar. I didn’t feel like I was over-arching my back and the bar was snapping at the top, so I felt like things would go well today. Instead of aiming for a max single, I decided I wanted to hit some heavy triples and then follow that up with sets of eight¬†at a lower weight. That should be a decent recipe to toast my shoulders… right?

Ramping at a decent pace today, I hit a couple sets at 95, 115, 125, and then made the jump up to 135. I ended up firing off three sets of three at 135, which is pretty solid for where my overhead pressing is at. Usually I could hit a single or a double, but the first set of three felt really good, and the second one wasn’t even bad at all. From there, I dropped back down to 105 and hit that for three sets of eight. I’d argue those last two sets of eight were harder than my last triple. The first set of eight was a breeze though, but I guess it had a big hit on my shoulders.

I was hitting some rear delt work mixed in with the overhead pressing, and I continued to do so as I transitioned into shrugs. I started with a couple sets of wide grip shrugs and then went into typical narrow grip at a heavier weight. I’m going to go ahead and say that these really did the trick since I’ve already had to stop to foam roll my traps while I was writing this. They’re so sore right now it’s incredible. I hit the pec deck too to do some rear delts one arm at a time.

The remainder of my workout was hip mobility drills and core. I was focusing on getting into my deadlift position that Sam was teaching me (i.e. a stance that should allow me to rip the bar off the ground and hopefully go into a high pull or snatch). I find just repeatedly getting in and out of this position is one of the best stretches for my hips and hamstrings. I also did some static stretching and some hip circles while on my hands and knees, then tried bodyweight squats in between to test how my mobility was improving. For core, I hit a couple rounds of planks and ab wheel rollouts.

My traps are still absurdly sore. Successful overhead pressing day.

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