Arms Day – Lifting Log

Arms Day - Lifting Log

Arms Day

Yesterday was an epic leg day for me. My quads are totally butchered today too from the last few exercises I did after hitting some squat PRs. Since I’m not seeing Sam tomorrow and I’m going to be benching with him on Friday, I decided it was time for another arms day. Everyone loves arms day.

Like usual, I fired up the close grip bench to start loading up my triceps. I ramped with triples from 135 up to 190 today jumping to 175 by 20, then 185 and then 190. I went back down to 185 for the final set since 190 felt like I was pushing it a bit too much (just to move weight for the sake of moving weight). I was supersetting Fat Gripz straight bar curls in between. After close grip bench and some curls, my arms were getting fired up. I headed over to the dip rack and hit 50 reps over 4 sets, again supersetting with the straight bar and Fat Gripz.

Since all of the ropes were in use after, I went right into supersetting two hand cable pushdowns and pulldowns to really fry my triceps. I figured hitting the rope later would be fine since it’s a lighter weight used anyway. I moved into straight bar curls without the Fat Gripz supersetted with dumbbell hammer curls. As soon as I toss in the hammer curls, my arms usually start to get crazy pumped. Today was no different.

The last arms stations I set up for myself were rope pulldowns supersetted with Fat Gripz hammer curls for a few rounds, and then dumbbell spider curls supersetted with reverse EZ grip curls. My arms were absolutely toasted after all of that. Figured I should get a bit of core in too, so I did 60 reps of ab wheel rollouts over 3 sets.

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