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Squat Training

I didn’t write about it over the weekend, but Saturday was a pretty bad squat day for me. My hamstrings were still absurdly tight and they were pretty sore, so I was squatting like crap when I trained with Sam. We backed off a bit and I finished the squat workout without getting to crazy. I was disappointed though. Today was a new day, and a day for breaking all sorts of high bar squat PRs.

I got to the gym a few minutes earlier than usual, so I started hammering out my mobility drills. I was practicing getting into position for a wide grip conventional stance deadlift that Sam and I were going over previously as I found it really stretches out my legs. I made sure to stretch my hips while warming them up doing body weight squats, and of course, I focused on getting some ankle mobility in too. The first set I hit with just the bar, Sam and I both said this was going to be a solid squat day. My hips were opening up and my knees were spreading out on the descent. Things were looking good. He said we were going to find my 10 rep max after we worked up to a daily 1 rep max, so I knew I was in for a treat.

We tossed 135 on the bar for 10, 190 for 6 and then 230 we already dropped down to doubles. 250 was the last double I hit and then 270 was the start of the singles. So after 270 we started taking smaller jumps. I hit 280 clean, which is usually the weight I have an “issue” with where I drop too fast, bail, and then need a second attempt to regain my confidence. Then I hit 290, which was my previous highest attempt, but I don’t count it since I was stuck and Sam had to row the bar up. Today I did it though, so that was the first PR. Sam’s been pushing me to get to 300. It’s a milestone. So we had to hit that today. And I did. Boom. Second PR. So while things are going so well, why not try another 10 pounds? Sure. 310 knocked down too. That’s three highbar squat PRs and PRs for squatting without a box at all (since I’m a huge fan of box squats, I never really deviated from them).

Okay, so while I’m here celebrating new squat PRs, I’m forgetting the whole point of this workout… to find my new 10 rep max. So now that I’ve just crushed three PRs, I somehow have to squat for sets of 10… which would be easy if we stuck to 180-190 territory like last time I did this. But Sam decided I was doing 225 today. Okay, great. I’ve only ever squatted 225 for 10 on a box with a weight belt. So, I took a deep breath, walked the bar out, and started my first set of 10. It was gruesome, but I got it done. Awesome! New 10 rep PR for high bar squats. So Sam puts on another 5 lbs for 230. I’m kind of losing confidence now because I know how hard the last one was, and I’m only going to be MORE tired now. But… 230 for 10 happened. Obviously Sam sticks on another 5 lbs… and I manage to nail 235 for one of the hardest squat sets I’ve ever done. I felt like I was pushing against the floor with melting popsicles. For anyone counting, that’s about 6 squat PRs in one session, half of which were for weight and the other half for volume.

We finished up the workout with a couple of “light” exercises that always embarrass me because I either butcher them or they build up so much lactic acid I can barely function. First up was Bulgarian split squats with some light dumbbells. These are one of the worst things for building up lactic acid in my quads. I felt like screaming by the last set because my quads were burning so much. I finished the entire workout with a medicine-ball burpee variation type of thing. Sam and I both didn’t want to admit they were like burpees… but they were. My legs were so fried by the end I couldn’t hop backwards from the medicine ball. My legs just would not perform that movement. It was a pretty interesting experience at least.

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