Pressing and Pulling – Lifting Log

Pressing and Pulling - Lifting Log

Pressing and Pulling

I figured I’d get my own pushing and pulling session in tonight since the odds of me getting back in town before the gym closes tomorrow are pretty slim. It was planned to be a pretty stacked workout, but I’m really glad with how things went. I aimed to get my pushing out of the way at first, and then focus on pulling for the remaining portion of the workout.

My intentions for pressing tonight were to stick to triples and ramp up while keeping my speed. I ramped up to 185 over three or so sets and decided to stick some chains on. The chains only come about 1/3 of the way off the ground at the top range of motion, so the delta there isn’t too big but it’s noticeable. Not including the chain weight, I hit 185, 190, 195, 200 for triples and then 205, 215, 225 for singles. The 10 pound jumps I had my buddy come over to watch over me and make sure I wouldn’t die. I’m not exactly sure what the chain weight is (I think 25 lbs per chain completely off the ground), so even if I assume at top range of motion each chain is only adding 5 lbs, that’s still 235 for a single which isn’t too shabby after hitting a bit of volume before hand. Once I nailed that, I did a few rounds of 6 reps with 135 plus the chains on and tried to blast the bar up as fast as I can.

With the heavy pressing out of the way, it was time for some pulling. I decided I’d do some rack pulls tonight, and while hitting my bottom warmup sets, I’d opt for a wide grip to practice getting into position for how Sam was instructing me. I’m used to pulling with my hands really narrow, but he’s going over some movement patterns with me where I’ll be able to transition into high pulls and an assortment of Olympic lifts. Without straps though, I can’t pull more than 185 fast with my hands that wide. So the first few sets of rack pulling I used wide double overhand grip, and then at 225 I switched to narrow alternating grip. I hit 225, 275, and 315 for triples and stayed at 315 for a few sets. Again, I wanted to try and pull fast tonight. No sense in working on max effort stuff when I’m not with Sam. For now at least.

After rack pulling, I did a few sets of underhand barbell rows. These felt like they were hitting my back pretty good. I did alternating incline dumbbell press for one accessory pressing movement, which hit my chest pretty hard by the end of it. And I finished off all pulling tonight with 50 reps of pullups spread out over a handful of sets. Tossed in some planks to finish up the whole workout and called it a night!

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