Pressing and Pulling Personal Training – Lifting Log

Pressing and Pulling Personal Training

Pressing and Pulling Personal Training

Sam is always one to try and pull a fast one on me. “Don’t worry about training your arms tonight”, he says… “We’ll be pulling tomorrow”… And then I come in tonight warming up my hips and hamstrings, and the first thing he does is put the bench in the squat rack. FML. Good thing my triceps weren’t wrecked for yesterday, because tonight had a ton of pressing.

Tonight wasn’t just any typical pressing night. No. We were going for some high volume sets. At this point I can’t remember the exact number of sets, reps, and weight, but it was definitely nuts. Benching 135 for 10, 190 for 8, 210 for 8… and then we got into the…. danger zoooooone around 230. How the heck am I going to hit 8 reps at 230? So I went for it anyway, and got 7 reps and a big spot on the last rep. We tried it again and I did all 8 reps again, but had another big spot on the final rep. Crazy though, so that’s absolutely a┬áPR. Not a 1RM, but still a PR. I wish we were done though. But we weren’t. Now it was time to hit sets of 10 at 190. Should be easy, right? At this point my chest was so pumped that trying to hit the sets of 10 was getting ridiculous. I couldn’t get the top 30% of range of motion because I felt like I was fighting my own chest. Needless to say, I needed some big spots from reps 7-10ish on both sets of 10 at 190. That concludes the pressing.

So Sam wasn’t totally lying. We’d be pulling today. He lined up 135 on the ground and wanted me to sumo it a few times. As soon as I started pulling it, I was sweating uncontrollably. Who knew 135 could be so much work, right? I think it’s just because my hamstrings were punished from benching, and now I’m basically using my hips and hamstrings to pick up a bar. We transitions from sumo, to conventional from deficit, and then conventional from deficit with a super slow tempo. I’ve never felt so ruined by 135 pound pulls… ever.

And just because Sam is cruel, we did glute ham raises after. Only three rounds of 10, but he had me removed the band for the last set. I was struggling so hard that I had crazy calf cramps afterward. We finished off with three rounds of medicine ball throws superset with ab wheel rollouts. I felt less like throwing up from the throws then last time I did them, but they still felt terrible. The ab wheel practice I do on my own has been helping an awful lot.

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