Arms Day – Lifting Log

Arms Day

I guess today I could have scheduled some benching, but I’m guessing that could potentially happen on Saturday with Sam, and I know tomorrow is going to be pulling. Made sense to toss in an arm day so that I’m not murdering my triceps the night before I bench. Worst case is that I end up squatting or pulling on Saturday and then I just bench on Sunday. No biggie. So… today was another classic arm assault.

I started with close grip bench for my triceps, but instead of sets of 5 or 8, I stuck to triples the entire time. I ramped from 135 doing two sets of triples and got up to 185 for a single triple. In between all of those sets I was hitting some EZ bar curls (no straight bars at the weight I wanted were available). Something Sam has mentioned in training once is that he wanted me to hit a few sets of bicep curls to get some blood back from my triceps into my biceps… and I’m pretty sure it’s bro science, but for whatever reason doing bicep work between my tricep sets makes the tricep sets wayyyyy better. Who knows.

Next up I hit some dips supersetted with some press downs on the padded support people use for dips/pullups. It’s a cool combination because the pushdowns on the machine part are a nice isolation on your triceps and you can really explode the pad down, and then when you go into your next set for dips you actually feel more refreshed. Each set of dips got easier and easier, and I was making sure to use a band to stretch and warm up my shoulders between sets. Gotta keep those shoulders primed.

At this point, the bulk of my “heavy” tricep work was done, so there was an assortment of rope pulldowns, straightbar pulldowns and straightbar pushdowns mixed in with the rest of my bicep work. I made sure to get some straight bar curls with the Fat Gripz on, some spider curls with the Fat Gripz on, and some hammer curls in between those sets too. The hammer curls I could really feel my arms get pumped up, which was awesome. I finished biceps off with Fat Gripz dumbbell curls and Fat Gripz hammer curls. I then did a final exerciseĀ for my forearms, which was reverse EZ bar curls for sets of 8 and then a 20 second hold on the 9th rep.

Just so I didn’t feel like I wasted an ENTIRE workout doing arms, I made sure to hit ab wheel rollouts for sets of 20, and rounds of planks. Definitely feeling my abs getting stronger, which is great. They should still be good for tomorrow’s pulling session too. Another arm day wrapped up.

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