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Squat Training

Big squat workout with Sam tonight. Big surprise, right? All our squat workouts are big. Tonight was going to be a taper down to a 1 RM from sets of 10, and then a 5×5 follow up. I got in a little bit later than I had liked to, so I missed a lot of my usual stretching. Well… it didn’t end up too badly!

Started with the bar for around 20 reps. Sam knew I missed a lot of my stretching and warmups, so he got me to hit that and then 10 at 95 just to get my hips opening up. Next on the bar, 135… Then 165… As we ramped, we were dropping the number of reps. 260 is where things got pretty tough. I think that was only for a triple too. 270 was even trickier, but only having to hit two reps made it more bearable. I just treated that set like to individual singles. 280 was the big 1RM for my highbar tonight, which is pretty cool since I hit a bunch of volume before hand. We decided to keep on going though so we loaded 290 up on the bar. The decent was awesome for 290 since I felt like I was loading up my legs when we had used the chains before. Not sure what happened, but once in the hole, all the tension came off my legs, so to stand up would have been a gnarly good-morning. Sam gave it tug to start it moving and then I stood the whole thing up. Definitely didn’t do it on my own, so I won’t pretend to call that one a PR.

Afterwards, it was time to work at a lower weight for 5×5. 200 was this session’s number and the goal will be to try and increase this in the future sessions. It felt sweet walking 200 out after trying to hit 290. It felt like nothing. That’s the kind of confidence I want to feel when walking weight out. It let’s me focus on bringing the weight down in a controlled fashion and having no fear about being able to turn it around and squat it out of the hole. 5×5 was actually easy, from my perspective. It was work to put in, but i felt confident the whole way through.

We finished off the whole workout with some glute ham raises. I finally figured out the technique change I needed to make in order to do these properly to fry my hamstrings, so I’m sure I’ll be hitting these up on non-training days too. After our training session was done, I hit some ab wheel rollouts and planks.

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