Pressing – Lifting Log

Pressing - Lifting Log


Just thought I’d open up by mentioning the picture here. Jean shopping is basically the worst thing ever. Nothing fits. Ever. Especially because I’m not tall, so it’s just a disaster. Today I had a vacation day from work. I basically relaxed all day. When it was time to hit the gym for my pressing workout, the energy just wasn’t there. Not sure what was up tonight, but not every day can be amazing.

I warmed up my hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. I’ve learned by now that benching takes a huge toll on my hips and hamstrings, and if I don’t stretch them out and warm them up, then I’m asking for trouble. I ramped with triples to get up to 230, and then I did that for a single. I called my gym buddy over to spot me for 240 for a double, and I was pretty pleased with how that went. I attempted 250 and basically got pinned, but with a spot I was able to push it up. That was kind of soul crushing, so that’s probably what bummed me out.

After benching, it was time for some overhead pressing. I ramped with triples to get up to 135 where I decided to switch over to singles. 135 was easy, so up to 145… But I couldn’t even hit 145 today. Also quite a bummer. Again, not totally sure what was up with this pressing workout because nothing was really sore… I just wasn’t feeling it. The rest of my pressing workout was a ton of dips. I was hitting sets of 10 but I wasn’t really counting how many sets I was doing. Dips are feeling a lot better now, even though I hit shoulders first.

I finished the workout off with some planking. I focused on squeezing my core and forcing breaths instead of going for time. This is always a nice switch up for me because it makes me consciously engage my core.

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