Pulling – Lifting Log

Pulling - Lifting Log


Woke up today and Sam was right. We didn’t go too crazy yesterday with legs, but my calves and quads were super tight today. I had hit arms pretty hard the day before that and chest prior to that… So I was due for a pulling session. I figured I’d get some rack pulling in today and see what I could work up to, and then do some other various back movements.

Started off with 135 on the bar and hit a few sets of triples. This kind of weight is obviously stupid light for a rack pull, but it helps to get a few sets in of practicing the entire movement. One step up. Another step up. Push my knees back. Push my knees out. Grab onto the bar. Tuck my chin. Ditch the arm slack. Deep breath. Pull. After a few sets it becomes routine so then I can start tacking on some weight. 190, 230, 280, 320, 340, 365. All for triples. All felt great. I was doing some kettle bell deadlifts in between where I could watch myself from the side in the mirror and make sure that the feeling in my back where I think it’s straight is actually true. No sense in practicing my lifts and memorizing the feeling if it’s… wrong. So since 365 was my previous no-go point, I figured that I’d try to shoot a little bit past it. 385 was the last weight I was conventional deadlifting, so I figured why not. This pulling session was going good so far, so 385 isn’t that far off. I hit it for a single, and decided to stop there. Now it was time to try out some conventional pulling off the ground.

I setup the bar with 135 on the ground. After rack pulling, the ground seems incredibly far away haha. I used the technique I was taught to try and line up versus how I had always practiced before. I was doing it sideways so I could check my back in the mirror, and I could comfortably get set up. My spine was completely neutral, and the bar was lined up in the middle of my lats. This setup is a LOT different than how I was pulling before, and although Sam and I haven’t got to conventional deadlifts, I’m thinking that this setup is much more aligned to what he’s going to suggest. Pulling this way felt weird compared to how I was used to doing it, but it was the exact same pattern as the kettle bell deadlifts I was doing… except with a bar. I only worked up to 225 since I didn’t want to start breaking any technique.

The rest of my workout was just a mashup of different back exercises… Wide grip pullups, barbell rows, seated cable rows, rear delts on the pec deck, etc. I felt pretty good after hitting a bunch of different exercises with no crazy weight or volume, so I worked on some accessory stuff for training at the end. I did a few rounds of planks where I really focus on contracting my core, some glute isolation movements, and some glute ham raises.

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