Squat Training – Lifting Log

Squat Training - Lifting Log

Squat Training

Still no pulling! But that’s okay, I’ll do a pulling session on my own tomorrow. Today was for training squats. The highbar variation, as usual. But Sam said he had something up his sleeve for today. And he wasn’t lying. Today was all about mobility and speedwork for my squats. And that absolutely did not mean the workout would be easier.

I warmed up only briefly before getting started with Sam, so I was a bit nervous that my hips were going to be tight still. We only started with the bar and 135, so I got some opportunity to get my hips warmed up. But Sam had me start doing body weight lunges in between my sets. This also made a huge difference in my hip flexibility, so even though I was getting gassed from the lunges, my squats were coming a lot easier. As the weight went up on the bar, Sam started tossing in variations to the lunges, so I was eventually twisting and lunging and staying low the whole time. Seems easy, but holy was I ever winded from it.

Once we topped out at 190 for sets of 8, Sam took the weight back off the bar, and kept 140 on. He strapped some chains on right after. Cool. I haven’t done squats with chains, but I’ve benched and pulled with chains, so I have an idea what’s going on here. We stuck yo only five reps, but we probably did five or six sets of this with the lunges in between. For the descent of the squat, it was really slow and controlled. I wasn’t even trying to do it this way, but that’s how it happened. The chains keep me from tipping forward or back, but I can’t explain why it felt more natural to go slow. At the bottom, there’s so much tension built up in your legs from going down slow and controlled, but since the chains are on the ground, the weight on your back feels light. You can really explode out of the hole, and as the chains come off the ground it gets heavier. Regardless, you have so much speed it doesn’t even matter.

The remainder of my workout was a variety of mobility drills. I did some step ups, and two different hip drills that are really going to help with  my squats. I can already tell. Those will be good things to practice on my own when I’m in at the gym and feel like squatting. It’ll be cool to measure the difference they have on my body if I squat, try the drills, and then squat again.

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