Arms Day – Lifting Log

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Arms Day

Yesterday Sam warned me that he had something crazy prepped for me on Saturday (tomorrow) but wouldn’t tell me what it is. When I ran into him on my way into the gym tonight, I made sure that I wasn’t going to need my triceps… So arms day it is. Have to make sure my legs and back are good to go for tomorrow because I have a feeling I’ll be squatting and pulling, and there’s no chance I’m not going to hit my top sets tomorrow.

I dove into my workout tonight without stretching. Crazy talk, right?I hit close grip bench with a a pause at the bottom for sets of five, but only stuck to a plate per side. I supersetted some straight bar Fat Gripz curls  with this, so after six sets or so my arms were starting to feel pretty solid. When I moved onto do dips, I made sure to get some shoulder stretches in. There’s no point in risking any shoulder straining while trying to get better at dips. I hit four sets of 12 and felt pretty good about it. I’m hoping that by practicing these a bit more I should get better pretty quickly considering I used to dip with almost 90 lbs strapped onto my body.

Next up was some straight bar spider curls superset with some rope pulldowns. I ramped up the weight a few pounds every set on the curls and kept the weight constant for triceps ensuring I could hit 20 reps every time. After that, I hit a big superset of dumbbell hammer curls, dropset straight bar curls with the Fat Gripz and tricep pushdowns on the cables. I only did two rounds of this, but the dropset on the straight bar curls was owning me hard. My triceps actually felt better on the second round of this, so that was pretty awesome.

For my second last bicep exercise, I hit Fat Gripz dumbbell hammer curls superset with triceps cable pulldowns. I’m still loving this exercise for my triceps since I’ve found a way to really keep the tension on my triceps the whole time. The last bicep exercises I hit were Fat Gripz dumbbell spider curls superset with reverse EZ bar curls. This butchered my forearms but it drove me to try something extra right after…

I decided I’d do some plate holds to get some extra forearm work in. I only took two 10 lbs plates but I did three rounds of holding these at my sides by pinching them with my fingers. Hoping tossing stuff like this every now and then will help with my grip strength, which happens to be okay for now, but I don’t think it hurts. I wrapped the workout up with some planks.

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