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Pressing Personal Training

So I walked into Goodlife today thinking that I needed to get limbered up to do some heavy pulls. I had had a decent pressing session yesterday, and I was all set to lift some iron off the ground. But Sam had other plans. Today wasn’t just any pulling day… because it was actually just a pressing day. BOOM.

We actually hit a ton of sets tonight with different variations so I’m going to have problems recalling exactly what we did. I do know that we started with some incline bench in the rack and that was a total surprise. Ramped up to 185 and started doing pause rep singles. 185, 205, 230, 240. Yeah… I just incline pressed well past my pre-training PR that I have on FLAT bench press. I went for 250 right after, but because the bar slowed right down on the way up, Sam decided we should cut the rep short. There was a lot more to come.

We dropped the weight back down to 230 after and started hitting some reps there. After all of the incline pressing, we laid the bar flat and ramped back up again from 135 up to 240. Once we got to 240 we changed things up a bit. Sam knows that I’m over analytic about everything. The fact that I can’t bench nearly as much when I train alone is purely because I’m not confident to do it when nobody is around to save me in case something goes wrong. In order to break through that, I need to show my body that I’m totally capable of doing it. So I did 5 singles at 240 with 35 second breaks in between. That’s 10 lbs more than what I hit for my final set of bench pressing yesterday and 4 more singles of it. Most sore part after all of that bench pressing? My ass.

Afterwards we moved onto dips. I was able to hit all of my dip sets comfortably, and I think that’s because I didn’t exhaust my shoulders before hand. Last time with Sam was brutal because I military pressed first. So speaking of shoulders, it wouldn’t be a┬ácomplete pressing day if we didn’t target some delts. Hand stand pushups elevated on boxes. Yeah. That’s a great idea. So I’ve never had to flip myself into this position and I felt like a bit of a moron… But I started to get the hang of it near the end. I had no idea a hand stand pushup was so bloody difficult. I was only hitting sets of two, but that’s not bad considering I just smashes a ton of PRs on bench before. To finish the workout, 60 reps of ab wheel rollouts. FML.

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