Pressing – Lifting Log

Pressing - Lifting Log


Now that personal training sessions are a bit more of a regular part of my schedule, I’ve started to get creative with what I’ll be focusing on in between my training days with Sam. I’m so used to hitting lifts or body parts twice (4x for legs) within an 8 day time period, so this is a huge change for me. Since I squatted yesterday with Sam and tomorrow I’ll be pulling, I figured today would be a good opportunity to press.

Typical band stretching routine to warm up. Yadah, yadah, yadah… Now, my bench press hasn’t been suffering from lack of speed work like my squat, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try focusing on that instead of just tons of volume. I also can’t quite wrap my head around just doing the bar for triples for like 20 sets to practice speed and form, so I opted out of that. I decided to take a similar rep pattern to what I do with Sam, but instead of coming back down and doing volume, I would hit triples for speed at a low weight. So… bar for a couple sets, 135, 185, 210 for triples, 220 for a double, and then 230 for a single. All really comfortable. All completely on my own (which I need for confidence). All in the squat rack so I don’t need to roll my shoulders to unrack. I dropped back to 135 and pounded out a few rounds of triples with 20-30 seconds of rest between sets. Each rep I was trying as hard as I could to squeeze my hamstrings and glutes to get as much acceleration behind the bar as possible.

Next up was military press. Again, I wanted to take a similar approach here. Ramping with triples until I got to 135, where I just went for a single. Then I tried 145 and got that up without killing myself over it. Back down to 95… and triples time. I made an effort to to make my unracking and first rep one continuous movement (without just trying to push-press it up) so that I don’t waste energy at the bottom before I even hit my first rep. 95 felt like butter and I could snap the bar to the top on every single rep while keeping a vertical posture (no back arching with chest up).

I finished the workout off with some incline dumbbell press and some dips. It was a short workout and it wasn’t a ton of exercises or volume… But I feel like I really focuses on two major lifts and did a good job on them. For the next few months, if my goal is to get stronger, I think this is going to be the way to go. Instead of going overboard on volume and exercises, I can always fill in time by getting mobility drills in too.

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