Arms Day – Lifting Log

Arms Day - Lifting Log

Arms Day

When you’re chest is butchered, your legs are a disaster, and you have to train the next day… It can only mean that it’s time for a solid arms day. The one thing I’ve been able to do now that I’m training with Sam is actually hit workouts dedicated to arms, and it’s been crazy. Once I’ve been working with Sam for a while, I’m pretty confident these arms-only workouts will taper off.

I started the workout with stretches and warming up my shoulders a bit. I knew I wanted to hit some dips today, so I made a point of ensuring my shoulders had some decent mobility before touching any weights. First lift was some close grip bench with a slow tempo to get some blood flowing through my triceps. Once I felt warmed up form that, it was time to tackle some dips. After hitting dips on Saturday with Sam, I was pretty scared to see just how bad I had gotten at them. I want to make a point now to ensure I can get better at them and not feel embarrassed when I start dipping and feel like failing after a handful.

Next up was some straight bar curls with the Fat Gripz superset with some rope pulldowns. I’m pretty sure a few rounds of this is what fried my biceps. I actually stopped counting how many rounds I did, so that could be part of the issue. I followed that up with straight bar spider curls superset with hammer curls. The hammer curls is when I really noticed that my arms were jacked up. Trying to squeeze at the last few degrees at the top of the ROM was insane. Exactly what I was going for though.

I finished off the arm portion of my workout with some Fat Gripz dumbbell curls and a few variations of cable exercises to hit my triceps. By this point I was only curling around 20 lbs so I’m sure I looked like a pure beast… Gotta watch out for the guy curling 20’s. And just because Sam is proving to me how weak my core is, I hit some planks and the ab wheel right at the end to finish it all off.

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