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Volume Squatting and Rack Pulls

Volume Squatting and Rack Pulls

I was out celebrating my close friend and colleague’s birthday last night, so I figured today was going to be a bit rough. I drank around four liters of water before bed until mid day today to try and balance things out. But just to make sure I’d be alright for my workout tonight, I went for all you can eat sushi and took a three hour nap. Totally primed for my volume squatting and rack pulls session.

Like all of my workouts now, I started by getting my hips loosened up. Some body weight squats and banded hip stretches usually do the trick. I’ve also been trying to get some flexibility in my ankles, so I made sure to get some stretches in for that too. I decided I’d rack pull first so that by the time I go to squat, my hips and hamstrings would be even more warmed up. Starting at 135, I ramped to 185, 225, 275, and 315 all with two sets of three. Now from training sessions, I know that I usually start to fail to drive my hips forward a little past three plates. I decided I’d go for singles at this point, so I nailed 335 and 355 pretty comfortably. I decided to stop there before I got into funny-form territory.

After rack pulls, it was time to hit my old favorite. Volume squatting. A couple days ago I hit 10 sets of eight and felt good. I decided 10×10 wasn’t too far off, so that’s exactly what I went for. Aside from being totally gassed at the end of it, I feel like I was able to keep my expected form the entire way through. I noticed my feet were starting to cramp a bit, which to me suggests an improvement. I’m trying to push my knees out pretty wide and open my hips, so my weight gets shifted to the outside of my feet instead of rolling them in. Based on where my feet were cramping, I think that it’s working.

I finished off the whole workout by hitting a couple sets of abs. I tried planking for a little bit (two minute mark is where I really start to shake) and got my trusty ab wheel going too. Those two things together are a recipe for ab abuse for sure.

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