Bench Training – Lifting Log

Bench Training - Lifting Log

Bench Training

Weekend workouts are always awesome. There’s so much less stress going into one if you have a weekend with no major plans. You don’t feel rushed to get in and you don’t feel rushed to get out. I decided I’d get an extra session in with Sam and it was a straight up pushing session. Probably the best session for bench that I’ve ever had.

Started off getting some hip and shoulder stretches in with the band. Typical stuff at this point. I don’t start of any training session without stretching my hips now… Even if I’m lifting on my own or doing an arm assault, I’ll still get some hip stretching in. I’d like to get to a point where I don’t need to stretch every workout, so I’m sucking it up for now. Once I was warmed up, it was time to hit the bench. Bar, 135, 185, 225… Even 225 at three reps seemed easy. Something is wrong. 245 for three. Easy. 255 for two. Survivable. Up next: 265 for a double.

So 265 got unracked and I felt no crushing sensation like I’m accustomed to even at lower weights (around 230ish). I nailed both reps. Afterward, I did it again and took a bit of a spot on the second rep. So something absolutely crazy happened at some point, because that’s way more than my measured 1RM before working with Sam… and this is only the corrective phase. From there, we dropped back down to two sets of 225 for five reps. Now that was killer, but I only needed help on the second set final rep. All sorts of personal bench records set right there.

We tried out overhead pressing for the first time tonight, but just a bit of it. My shoulders were gunned after hitting a few sets of military press. We finished off the workout with a few supersets of dips and then I got to hit the ab wheel right at the end. Couldn’t have asked for a better pressing session.

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