Squats and Biceps – Lifting Log

Squats and Biceps - Lifting Log

Squats and Biceps

Yeah, we squatted yesterday. Yeah, I squatted again tonight. What’s it to ya? Gotta hit that volume with perfect form to train that pattern in right. And since it’s Friday, why not absolutely dust these guns? Nothing like some bicep abuse on a Friday night after squatting your brains out.

Started off the session getting some hip stretches in. This was nothing crazy, just some medium tension band hip stretches to get things opened up a bit. I decided I’d get a few pullups in tonight since I hadn’t done any in a few days. This was a pretty solid warmup loosening my upper back and getting some blood flowing. But then it was squat time. I got setup in a squat rack and just did body squats until I could hit the depth I wanted with the posture I was aiming for. The one thing that made a huge difference tonight was stretching my calves out to get some ankle mobility. Absolutely absurd difference in my ability to hit depth. I’ll keep that in mind.

Once I was warmed up, it was time to start squatting some shit. I wanted to get a bunch of volume in and really work on my technique without Sam there to call it all out for me. I wanted to observe and feel when I was doing things wrong. I stuck to 135 the whole way through so I could shift the bar around as necessary without having to worry about getting crushed. Cranked out 8 sets of 10 at that weight which was awesome. I was able to keep the bar up high on my shoulders, force my stomach out and hold it, push wide with my knees on the way down, and drive through my heels on the way up on every set and every rep. Sam would have been proud. I was supersetting all of that with straight bar curls with Fat Gripz tossed on the bar.

After high bar squats, I tried getting some front squats in. I really want to work on my wrist and arm positioning. If I stretch out my shoulders, I have no problem getting a solid shoulder shelf now. I’m still a bit nervous about my hand and wrist placement though, so I stuck to pretty low weight. Again, I was able to drive my knees out really well on every single rep and keep great posture.

I finished up the workout my blasting my biceps. I did some hammer curls with fat grips supersetted with straight bar spider curls. My biceps were feeling pretty good from the first straight bar exercised before this, but this got the pump in my biceps to another level. Not to mention, I started to get a solid forearm pump going to. Gotta love that. From there, it was an assortment of dumbbell curl type exercises mixing and matching the Fat Gripz to fry everything else in my arms. Biceps successfully blasted.

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