Squat and Pull – Lifting Log

Squat and Pull - Lifting Log

Squat and Pull

The week has been flying by for me, and even though I’m not necessarily posting very single night this week, I’m absolutely in the gym every single night. Tonight’s training session snuck up on me since I thought I was converted over to training on Saturdays instead. No worries though since Sam and I still got some leg training in. And when it’s time to train legs, it’s time to squat.

I got my usual pre-training warmup and stretching in. I’m trying to balance out the warming up with stretching now instead of just stretching while cold. It’s been working a bit better the past couple of sessions, in my opinion. We didn’t wait too long before getting right into it. We ramped pretty fast on highbar squats and jumped from 235 to 275. The goal was to hit a double, but I failed pretty fast. The really cool thing was that I failed and still felt like I was 100% stable. It wasn’t like my legs and body were flailing around and the bar dumped or anything crazy like that. We pulled back a bit and I nailed 2 reps at 265… and then we decided I should attempt 275 again. I nailed the first one and then hit the rack pins on the second rep and then shortly after failed to drive the bar back up.

The interesting part about those few squatting sets is that my legs never felt like crumbling or flopping around. They always felt really tight and engages. My torso was the same way: tight and engaged. Failure was really just my inability to drive out of the whole with enough power, so dumping the bar was as easy as slowly easing myself back into the hole, and rolling it off. I rarely ever fail when I work out, and almost never when I work out alone. It’s a good lesson for me to be failing like this. It proves that I can be pushing myself more and that nothing bad resulted from it. There’s nothing wrong with failing on a rep… There’s something wrong with not pushing yourself to get better.¬†Anyway, I followed all of that up with 4×4 of 225-235 with my final set being the best only because I wasn’t wasting time between reps.

After the squatting session, Sam got me rack pulling and doing front squats with the kettle bells. Some solid supersets with basically no break in between. The weight was light but it had me out of breath pretty quick. The rack pulls actually felt much more natural with the technique Sam has me using. The workout was wrapped up with some weighted planks that destroyed my abs. Who knew squats and planks could bring so much pain to your abs…

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