Bench and Squat – Lifting Log

Bench and Squat - Lifting Log - #MCM Kai Greene

Bench and Squats

Thought I’d open this post up with a picture of Kai Greene aka Mr. Getting It Done. Another year with no win for Kai at the Olympia, but hey… He’s got the best attitude around and he’s freaskishly built. Definitely my Man Crush Monday (according to Internet standards). Tonight with Sam was a squat and bench session, despite me telling him that my legs were still torched from the weekend. Glad I listened to him.

Started off the session by getting all stretched up prior to meeting with Sam. Typical band stretches and got limbered up. First mission put forth by Sam was to set a squat PR. Simple, right? My legs were so sore I could barely bend down to pick anything up… But oh well. 135 was easy, 185 felt good (but noticed my knees start to tweak at the bottom), 230 was tricky but manageable, and 250 was even harder but I powered through it. 270 is where things got scary, but I took Sam’s advice and didn’t hesitate as much between my first and second rep. Totally nailed it for a new oly squat PR.

Next was benching. This is what I was hoping to get done today considering the discomfort I had in my legs prior to the session. Ramped up to a solid set of 240, which I was really proud to hit, and then back down to 185. 185 on the way back down felt super light. Like 95 lbs light.  I’m not used to having that experience when I bench. The difference was that I was hitting it for sets of 10, so somewhere around the 5 rep mark is became impossibly hard… But before that it was insanely easy. Go figure. Failed on my second set of 10 on the final rep.

Moved into some accessory work like kettle bell front squats, GHRs, and some core to wrap it all up. It felt like a really solid workout, but after core, I felt gassed. Can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes…

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