Full Body – Lifting Log

Full Body - Lifting Log

Full Body Workout

This weekend was going to be a little bit of a mess for me since I was a volunteer at a local university event that ran literally around the clock all weekend. I had talked to my trainer Sam, and he said we’d be doing a full body workout on Saturday. This meant that my Friday workout kind of got turned into a full body workout leading into it… But it turns out Saturday we just did legs. Because I’ll be pressing tomorrow with him, I kind of got stuck with another full body workout today. Woops!

Full body workouts are a bit of an unusual thing for me. I’m used to splitting stuff up into a body part or two, and picking a couple of primary movements to focus on for the session. For example, if I were having a leg day I might focus on front and back squats, or maybe just on my deadlifting. If I were having a chest day, bench press would be my major lift. If I were blasting shoulders and triceps together, I might focus on military press first. When it comes to a full body workout for me, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing, but I do have my own strategy for getting it done.

Friday before my supposed full body workout with Sam, I ended up trying to tackle military press and some rack pulls. These were my primary movements for the session. I kind of turned it into a pulling session with shoulders as a secondary focus. I got some pullups in there too since more of those can never hurt. I felt like I had hit a bunch of various muscle groups but none of them hard enough to exhaust me for the next day.

With Sam, I quickly found out that I wasn’t doing a full body workout anymore. The first thing he told me is that we were going to be testing my four rep max for the back squat. That’s not so full body to me! Anyway, I got warmed up and stretched out. My hips were back to feeling normal which was a great sign. While ramping, I ended up dumping the bar with 230 on it on my third rep… which I was extremely embarrassed about. I got pinned 2/3 of the way up the rep, so Sam didn’t even attempt to help me since we both thought I’d get through it. Butttt nope. I dumped it like an idiot. I tried it again right after and crushed it. I ended up hitting two sets in a row at 250 for four reps, but any more than that and I was probably going to get pinned again. This was awesome progress for me, and I was really happy to see 250 get hit in my new squatting stance.

Today I went in thinking “arms”. I wasn’t totally planning on a full body workout. I was assuming I was going to be doing a pulling session tomorrow, but when I saw Sam at the gym he let me know I’d be pressing. I dropped triceps almost completely from the workout (aside from a few sets) so that they wouldn’t be gunned for when tomorrow came around. Hard to press without any triceps. So this workout turned into a mash of things. I was pretty set on hitting biceps, so I decided I’d do another mostly pulling session since my legs were still fried from working with Sam. I made sure that I got my rowing exercises in before going crazy with bicep work. Afterwards I hit some big dropsets with the fat gripz and then rolled out my abs with some planks mixed in. I finished off the whole workout trying to get some squatting technique in and really focused on hitting my glutes at the top of the range of motion.

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