Chest and Biceps – Lifting Log

Chest and Biceps - Lifting Log

Chest and Biceps

The past couple of days I was travelling for work, so I didn’t get time to step into a gym. Again, I’m in the gym basically every day, so when these types of things come up, I don’t stress too much about not making it into a gym. No big deal. Tonight I wanted to crush some chest and get some sets of biceps in, but it ended up being a complete forearm and biceps annihilation.

Taking a lesson from Sam, I warmed up my hips before benching today. Because I pulled my hip pretty bad last time warming up cold, I tried getting my legs moving a bit more and going less crazy on the stretches. From there, I took another lesson and benched from the squat rack. I feel like a turd doing it, but the fact that I can unrack the bar without rolling my shoulders and losing my setup is awesome. I ended up getting to a few sets of triples at around 205 but didn’t go any heavier. Sounds funny, but using a different bench to press from actually resulted in a big confidence drop despite being in a squat rack. After some triples, I dropped down to 135 and blasted a few sets of 10 and supersetted that with some fat gripz straight bar curls. And that’s where biceps and forearms took over.

A buddy was at the gym nearby and saw that I had my fat gripz out. He was really interested in trying them out and always does insane amounts of volume for biceps. I mean, this guy curls in the squat rack, but he curls more than I row. I ain’t even mad. I figured this was a great time to hop on the way-too-much-biceps-volume bandwagon and totally fry my biceps with him and another friend at the gym. We started curling the bar with fat gripz and then worked up to a comfortable working weight. Once we got there, we decided we’d start doing drop sets of hammer curls while waiting for our turn in the rack. Then we started doing drop sets of squat rack curls with the fat gripz still on. My biceps were so mangled by that point and my hands could barely open or close from the fat gripz.

That was an epic pump, but it sort of derailed from my chest workout. I finished up with some dumbbell presses just to get a little bit more chest action in. My biceps were so tight by that point that it was actually making some light dumbbell chest  presses difficult.

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