Personal Training Day 4 – Corrective – Pulling

Personal Training Day 4 - Corrective - Pulling

Personal Training Day 4… Pulling.

Haven’t posted the past few days, but I’ve been busy (and actually lifting). I’ll be travelling for work the next couple of days, but hopefully I’ll be able to hit a session on Friday night. I’ll have to see. Tonight was the first pulling session that I did with Sam, and again… It was humbling.

I got to stretch on my own before the training actually started which was a nice change of pace. Now that he’s given me some tools to work with, I can stretch and limber up on my own and now chew into the training time. After I was loosened up, it was time to get into pulling. We started with rack pulls for the first pulling movement to really work on the hip hinge. Lesson learned for me? My 385 conventional deadlift is basically just a hip-less squat. I couldn’t rack pull past 315 and if you’ve followed my logs, you might have seen that I attempted this on my own and had the same problem. When pulling from that height, it feels like I have no mechanical advantage… and it’s really just because I can’t use my legs to drive it off the ground how I’d like to.

Next up was sumo deadlifts, which was a pretty new pulling movement for me. I tried doing these a bit before, but they never quite felt right. We superset these with a TBar row to get my hips and spine in the right position and work on my back. Definitely felt my ass/hips after a few sets of that. We followed that up with some back extensions and I really got to see just how weak my lower back is. It’s actually insane.

Tonight’s pulling session was no different… we finished up with some core movements. By the end of it, my back and hips were so tired and I really got to see just how much I rely on them for certain core movements. Embarrassing. After I wrapped up with Sam, I decided to hit some oly back squats with 135 on the bar and hold it in the hole with no hands. From that position, I tried to work on all my cues like staying upright (to balance the bar), keeping my feet more forward, pushing my knees out, and keeping my head down. I can already tell my glutes are going to be fried tomorrow.

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