Deadlifts, Military Press, and Triceps – Lifting Log

Deadlifts, Military Press, and Triceps

Tonight was all over the map. I was just trying to pick some compound movements I haven’t done in a while thanks to my personal training with Sam… and then I came up with whatever the heck I did tonight. It ended up being a solid session though with a focus on deadlifts right at the beginning.

I started off by getting my hips and hamstrings stretched out like Sam has been showing me. I figure that I should be leveraging what he’s teaching me on my non PT days so that I can get used to integrating stretching and mobility into my workouts. Once I was limbered up, I started deadlifting. My goal here was to take one of Sam’s lessons and focus on it the whole time: keep your shins vertical. Essentially, when looking at my squat/pull from the side, he wants my shins to be vertical. If you look at my body from the front, you’ll see my knees slightly pushed outside of my feet to open up my hips and allow for this vertical shin position.

With that said, I started with a few deadlifting sets of 135 to focus on this shin position. As I was ramping up weight, I had to focus less on setup time. The reality when deadlifting for me is that if I spend a ton of time on the setup, I’ll never get it off the ground. I need to attack the weight. Thus, the early sets were slow, calculated, and precise and the latter sets were a bit less so. There were a few reps in there where I could tell my shin and back position made for a super easy pull.

After deadlifting, I moved into military press. Another lesson from Sam (before personal training) was to use less of a chest shelf and more of a shoulder shelf. This would ensure I could keep my back and posture upright. I stretched out my shoulders to help with the flexibility and noticed an immediate difference. From there, I ramped with triples until I got to a single at 135. Again, a few reps out of all those sets where the bar just went up extremely easily because I think everything just lined up right.

Towards the end of my workout, I tried doing some abs. Not a chance. I started with the ab wheel and hitting a single set of 8 was the hardest thing I did all night. My abs are fried. That wasn’t happening. I finally finished up with a few sets of high bar squats to work on my technique.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts4 x 3135Band hip/hamstring stretches prior to this
2 x 3225Band lat stretches between all sets
2 x 3275
1 x 3315
1 x 1315
1 x 1335
1 x 1355
1 x 1375
Military Press2 x 3Bar
2 x 365
2 x 385
2 x 3105
1 x 3115
1 x 3125
2 x 2135
1 x 1135
Close Grip Bench2 x 5135
2 x 3155
2 Hand Tricep Cable Pushdowns1 x 1247.5
1 x 2047.5
1 x 1247.5
Ab Wheel1 x 8BodyweightMy abs felt like they were about to tear off of my body... so no dice.
Stair Master10 MinutesMedium Pace
High Bar Squats2 x 3Bar
5 x 395Practicing slowly and without hands for posture

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