Personal Training Day 3 – Corrective – Squatting

Personal Training Day 3 - Corrective - Squatting

Personal Training Day 3… Squatting!

I figured we’d finally be getting to a pulling day… but nope! Sam wanted to focus on squatting again. He knows I’m able to squat a decent weight and he knows that I’ve been squatting a decent amount of volume, but he wants to change my squatting form so that I can do it more effectively. He agrees the pulling part should come pretty easily given my build (short as hell and long arms).

Like usual, we started warming up my hips and stretching my legs out. It’s going to be a trend with Sam over these 100+ sessions. From there, we went right into some kettlebell front squats just to practice technique and warm up a bit. After that, it was oly back squatting for sets of 6. I got up to two sets of 225 with a few spots but basically failed on my final rep of each one. It’s incredibly humbling to go from box squatting 315+, 10×10 squatting 185 and then suddenly not even able to hit 6 at 225. That’s just part of the process though.

Sam set up a brutal ab circuit afterward. I confessed my love for one of the girls at the gym to him so now yet another person knows my true feelings <3. Then he set me up to do a squatting and ab circuit facing away from her, and I bet it was just to drive me nuts. Oh well, I’m there to get strong. I can tell already that tomorrow my abs are going to be destroyed from tonight’s session. I’m thinking that I want to try military pressing and deadlifting tomorrow since I haven’t done either of these in a few days now that I’ve been doing personal training.

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