Personal Training Day 2 – Corrective – Pushing

Personal Training Day 2 - Corrective - Pushing

Personal Training Day 2

Pretty short training session today since I’m rushing to install some flooring in my condo before the weekend, but Sam and I were back at it. Today was about addressing some of my limitations in terms of flexibility in my upper body and my technique when it comes to benching. Lot’s of little takeaway points.

We started off the training by stretching. Obviously. The not so obvious part is that we were stretching my hamstrings and hips for benching. It makes sense if you know how to bench (not a bodybuilder bench) because you need to be able to get your legs tight and planted. If your hips and hamstrings are tight, it’s nearly impossible to get the planting you want with your legs to brace your upper body as you press. Typical hamstring and hip stretches with the bands were hit before we got into the real meat of the training session.

We only got two pressing exercises done today, but again, these training sessions are going to be a lot more about how to lift and how to stretch and not so much about “go lift all the weights”. We widened by grip on bench by a couple of inches. I’m used to benching super super narrow, and as a result, I bring the bar down pretty low on my torso. With my grip out slightly, I could start to bring the bar down closer to my nipple and right around the bottom of my pecs. I was under the impression Sam was suggesting even higher on my torso, which was throwing me off… it took until the last couple of sets to really clue in. We worked up to a 225 double (with him spotting). The wider grip is absolutely going to take some getting used to.

Like Sam promised, we finished up this training session with core work. Core. Core. Core. No bosu ball balancing bullshit… Ab wheels and twists. The good stuff. I have another training session tomorrow, so if my abs don’t hurt by tomorrow night, I’m sure they’ll hurt on Friday.


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