Personal Training Day 1- Corrective – Legs

Personal Training Day 1- Corrective - Legs

Personal Training Day 1

Yeah. You read that title right. I bit the bullet and paid way too much for personal training after having worked out for a decade. I bought personal training from a commercial gym. I spent money on personal training when I already know how to lift and I don’t need motivation to get myself to go into the gym. What the hell was I thinking?

Well, I was thinking that instead of being an average guy that works out every day with a 1.5x, 2.0x, and 2.5x bodyweight bench, squat, and deadlift (respectively), I’m going to be above average. I got personal training so that I can be better than that. I don’t need personal training to be strong or pack on muscle, but it was a logical step for me to get to the next level. And I didn’t just buy personal training from some dipshit personal trainer that’s been working out for a month and got their certificate (yes, you, your friends, and a bowl of mashed potatoes can become a personal trainer). I bought personal training with the strongest person I’ve ever met so that I can become the strongest person that I know.

So, tonight I had my first session with Sam. We’re working on correcting my bad habits and resetting my body to a clean slate for Sam to work with. Personal training isn’t going to be one-week-to-a-new-PR. We worked on hip mobility, hamstring mobility, and squatting technique. I learned a lot tonight… Like that I’m a piece of shit when it comes to hip flexibility. Sam also had me doing some planks for core at the end, and I almost never do planks because I’m not sure how low/high to keep my back. Apparently my first guess was spot on, so I can actually safely do these on my own. I did better than I thought ¬†would on these, but by my third plank, I was trembling and loosing my mind.

I never thought I would be so humbled by front squatting ~100 lbs or by back squatting 145. I mean, seriously humbled. I was almost stuck getting 145 up on back squat (My last volume squatting nights I was hitting 9 sets of 10 reps at 185 and totaling 22000+ lbs of back squatting volume). And it was all because my hips were actually being used tonight… And they are total pieces of shit.

I’m not going to be posting up my lifts and stuff on my personal training nights in my corrective phase because it doesn’t make sense. It’s not meant for tracking weight lifted etc… Tomorrow isn’t a personal training night so I’ll probably just do a crazy bicep/core/stretching session. My three personal training sessions per week will be legs/push/pull so I’ll need to plan my other days of lifting around it. It’s probably going to mean less squatting volume, but Sam is going to get my squat through the roof by the end of our training together.


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