Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps – Lifting Log

Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps - Lifting Log - Phase 4

Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps

Today was my once-per-cycle freestyle day focused around deadlifting. I took the opportunity to try out some variations of deadlifting like pulling form a deficit and incorporating chains. I didn’t hit as many exercises as I wanted tonight, but it was still a cool session.

I started off my deadlifting by pulling 135 a few times. From there, I went right into working from a deficit still at 135. After pulling 225 a bit, I figured the next tweak I wanted to make to my deadlifting was adding in chains. Chains are a new tool for me, so I want a chance to see how they can affect different lifts. And the truth? Maybe it’s because they’re only 50 lbs in total when completely off the ground but I actually didn’t notice anything. I was expecting the top half of my pull to be super hard or have it feel like I was hitting a wall on the way up… But no. I got up to 315 + 50 lbs of chains for a triple from a 3″ deficit, and that felt good. Maybe for me my weakness is starting the pull, so I’ll have to investigate that more.

After deadlifting, I decided to pay my good old friend the leg press a visit. Instead of using crazy volume with the leg press, my volume squatting days have kind of replaced that. Tonight I felt like it would be fun to do some lighter leg pressing, but crank out more reps. I got in 5 sets of 15, and it was just enough to start to feel a burn on the last couple of reps. I mixed in some EZ bar curls between sets as well. Unfortunately, that was about all I got done tonight.

The big news for me though? I was telling Sam tonight how I hit a new PR last night using his suggestions. One thing led to another and… I’m getting a training consultation tomorrow night. I’ve seen one or two decent personal trainers at commercial gyms in my life, but Sam is completely different. I’ve seen this guy workout for years now before he was a trainer, and he’s always given me small tips that have had a huge impact. I’m thinking that wherever this goes could have an immense impact on my training… I’ll keep you posted.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135
1 x 31351.5" Deficit
1 x 31353" Deficit
4 x 32253" Deficit
2 x 3225 + 503" Deficit (chains)
1 x 3265 + 503" Deficit (chains)
1 x 3315 + 503" Deficit (chains)
1 x 1315 + 503" Deficit (chains)
1 x 1315 + 50Flat ground (chains)
Box Squat2 x 5135
1 x 3225
1 x 32251.5" added to the box
1 x 32253" added to the box
1 x 32453" added to the box
1 x 32653" added to the box
Leg Press5 x 152 plates per sideSuperset with EZ bar curls
EZ Bar Curls7 x 670
Stairmaster10 MinutesMedium Pace

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