Chest and Back A – Lifting Log

Chest and Back A - Lifting Log - Phase 3

Chest and Back Variation A

To start this off, you’re probably wondering about the chicken. That’s some maple syrup chicken. Totally legit and tastes like heaven. Try it out. It helped fuel my chest and back workout tonight, so that coupled with way too much sleep last night made for a killer chest and back session.

In true Swoletron fashion, I set out to the gym tonight with the goal of lifting heavier than last time for this workout. I was able to hit 2 triples at 205 on bench and 2 at 210. I was determined to do better. When I started ramping on bench tonight, my chest felt great. It was going to be a good session. I did my first working set at 205 and knew that I could do the 210 triples. So I did the remaining 3 at 210, which is one more set than last time at 210. Just to prove to myself I had more in my chest for going heavy tonight, I tried a single at 215 after all of that. No problem. This cycle is going to be the time I bench 230. I know it.

After blasting my chest on flat bench and incline dumbbells, I crushed some pullups. I’ll need to think about setting goals for these as well, so this cycle is 50 reps. Maybe next cycle is 55 total or some sort of pyramid scheme. I’ll have to think about it. I’d like to stick to sets of no more than 6ish since that seems to be the magic comfortable number. I could probably do a set or two at 10+, but over time it nags on my joints in a really awful way.

Finished up the session with some straight arm lat pulldowns which I’m trying to learn to love. I see a lot of people doing these now to really isolate their lats. Although, I also see a lot of total idiots doing this too and probably isolating nothing but their stupidity… so, if I can’t get out of it what I’d like then I’ll drop it. It’s just an accessory move for me, so I won’t cry about it.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Bench Press2 x 8Bar
2 x 3135
1 x 3165
1 x 3185
1 x 3195
1 x 3205
3 x 3210
1 x 1215Just testing it out. Pretty easy.
Incline Dumbbell Press3 x 1070
(Super) Wide Grip Pullups5 x 6Bodyweight
4 x 5Bodyweight
Overhand Barbell Rows3 x 6135
Underhand Barbell Rows3 x 8155
Bench Press10 x 101053 sets super wide, 3 sets wide, 3 sets medium, 1 set narrow.
Close Grip DD Handle Cable Pulldowns3 x 6130
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown3 x 1037.5
Stepper Mill10 minutesMedium Pace

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