Chest and Back B – Lifting Log

Chest and Back Variation B - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Chest and Back Variation B

Tonight I tossed the fat bar into the mix for my incline work. Why? Well, of the two incline bench setups in my gym only one had a bar and it happened to be a fat bar. I wasn’t about to go tidy up after someone else, so I said f*ck it. I’ll rock the fat bar for my chest workout.

As I was ramping up a bit to get to my work sets, I could tell the bar was a bit of a different dynamic. Either the bar was a bit heavier or it was placing some different stresses on my chest and forearms. Maybe both. Anyway, I recalled that 175 was too heavy from last time, so I decided to do 5×5 at 170. Except… After two sets of that I was slowing down a lot. 165 for the last few sets and I was good to go.

My rowing work was insane tonight. Performance wise, my dumbbell rows weren’t anything out of the blue. I was absolutely drenched with sweat after 5 sets of rowing, but that’s borderline normal for me. I decided I’d do my barbell rows without straps tonight, and it made a crazy difference. But it was a positive change, which I actually didn’t expect. Since the weight I use isn’t that heavy, I guess the smaller diameter on the bar let me squeeze it harder which activated my back more (versus leveraging the straps for fake grip strength). I think I’ll stick to strapless rows until the weight builds up.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Incline Bench3 x 3135All sets with fat bar... I think it weighs 5 more lbs but I'm not accounting for that
2 x 3155
2 x 3170
3 x 3165
Flat Dumbbell Press1 x 1070
1 x 970
1 x 870
Dumbbell Rows5 x 880
Barbell Rows (Overhand)3 x 6135
Barbell Rows (Underhand)3 x 8135
Cable Rows3 x 842.5
Chest Supported T-Bar Row Wide1 x 845
2 x 870
Chest Supported T-Bar Row Close2 x 690
Pec Deck3 x 10115
Stairmaster10 minutesMedium Pace

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