Volume Squatting – Lifting Log

Volume Squatting - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Volume Squatting

So after yesterday, my triceps are just obliterated today. I think the French press is something I’ll be sticking to. I was pumped to hit my squatting session tonight. I was warming up at home on the chair again and made sure my hips were nice and loose… But I haven’t sweat so much in a long time.

Deficit pulls went well. I’m not sure if I should be sticking to the same thing there, mixing it up, adding weight… or what really. I guess things are still improving without changing that, so I’ll leave it for now. I decided tonight I’d up the pyramid some more by dropping a set of 165 and bumping that up to 185 for another top working set. That put me above the 22000 lbs mark at 22150. I’m absolutely psyched about that. By the end of this phase, I’ll have to see if the additional volume is actually harming my squatting or not, but I’ve been piling on more and more volume for a while now, and I haven’t seen my squatting get negatively impacted yet. Maybe I’m oblivious to something else that’s getting worse as a result.

I hit biceps again between almost every single set of 10 squats. Someone wanted my straight bar (I guess it looks like I’m squatting and not curling at all) so I let them take it. The 60 lbs straight bar was open for grabs, so I thought it’d be cool to mix a tiny bit heavier for a couple reps shorter with the rest of  my bicep work tonight. I finished up legs with a handful of sets of front squat triples at 135 and some iso holds. Starting to wonder if I can get more practice front squatting too. Maybe I’ll end up trading the deficit pulls for some front squatting at some point, so I’ll keep that in mind.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135Warming up the legs
1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 1.5" Deficit1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 3" Deficit2 x 3225
Back Squats2 x 3135Extensive hamstring and hip stretching in between most sets.
1 x 10135
1 x 10165
8 x 10185
1 x 10165
2 x 10135
Straight Bar Curls8 x 1050Did these after most squat sets.
4 x 860
Front Squats3 x 31353 second isometric hold at bottom. Superset with reverse EZ bar curls.
Reverse EZ Bar Curls3 x 850
Ab Wheel3 x 8Bodyweight
Weighted Situps3 x 1013.3

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