High Carb – Nutrition Log – Saturday

High Carb - Nutrition Log - SaturdayHigh Carb Nutrition Log

No distractions for my meals on this high carb day. I got a nice wake-up call from Home Depot at 8:30 this morning to drop off some flooring. Except… They didn’t want to deliver it to my condo unit. So I did some fasted deadlifting and farmers walks to start off my day! That stuff is bloody heavy. I got a my first meal and vitamins in before I headed back to bed for a nap. I was planning on sleeping in until around 10:00, so I made sure to get my rest.

For today’s high carb meals, I decided I wanted to cook up some of that new local ground beef I bought and have that with rice. That’s a classic in my diet. If I’m ever near bored of that meal, it’s super easy to modify to dress it up a bit. Anyway, that meat is friggin’ awesome. Totally pumped that I picked it up.

What I Ate

  • 5g fish oil, 5000 IU vitamin D
  • 1 cup granola, 25g whey
  • Ground Beef, rice.
  • Full bagel with natural peanut butter
  • Ground Beef, rice.
  • Pre-workout shake (25 g whey)
  • Post-workout shake (50 g whey)
  • 5g fish oil, multi-vitamin, ZMA



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