Volume Squatting – Lifting Log

Volume Squatting - Lifting Log - Phase 1

Volume Squatting

Tonight was another epic squatting session. This is probably my favourite workout because it absolutely destroys me. I leave the gym and my shirt feels like I just soaked it in a tub of hot water for a day. My legs are usually completely mangled and I feel great.

Started the session off with my deficit deadlifts to warm up. Those went up pretty easily. Based on my results from my last volume squatting workout, I was hoping to adjust the pyramid a bit to account for another set at 185 (bumped up from 165). The best part is this small increment means I didn’t notice any difference in my workout. It was still demanding as hell, but nothing seemed different compared to last time. The total volume for sets of 10 is up to 21950 lbs, so I’m pretty stoked about that.

I’ve also taken to doing bicep curls between every single 10×10 set which is going really well. I hadn’t been doing any sort of barbell curl for a really long time (just stuck to dumbbells) so I’m regaining some strength on that without even really focusing on it. I’m hoping that after a few more months of doing this (i.e. half a year) I’ll notice some measurable gains on my arms. Although, that might just come from the increased eating that’ll be coming up.

When I was front squatting tonight, I opted to just stay at 135. I was totally in the groove with sitting in the hole holding the weight on my shoulders, so I decided to take advantage of that. I did some isometric holds at the bottom, and since my legs were pretty gassed noticed it was actually pretty demanding to front squat even that much. It seemed like a good trade off: Less weight, more posture practice.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135Warming up the legs
1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 1.5" Deficit1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 3" Deficit2 x 3225
Back Squats2 x 3135Extensive hamstring and hip stretching in between most sets.
1 x 10135
2 x 10165
7 x 10185
1 x 10165
2 x 10135
Straight Bar Curls12 x 860Did these after most squat sets.
Front Squats3 x 31353 second isometric hold at bottom. Superset with reverse EZ bar curls.
Reverse EZ Bar Curls4 x 850
Ab Wheel3 x 8Bodyweight
Weighted Situps3 x 813.3

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