Shoulders and Triceps B – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps Variation B - Lifting Log - Phase 1

Shoulders and Triceps Variation B

Tonight was the first session switching back to triples for my military press. I was able to hit my prescribed reps that I set out to accomplish. I then proceeded to destroy my triceps and now my arms feel like jello. Awesome.

Started the workout off by ramping for my military press. I set out to do 130 for 8 sets of 3. This is a 5 lbs increment over what I was doing for 5×5 and is net -5lbs of total volume (so essentially the exact same amount of volume). Kind of cool how that worked out. About 4 sets in I thought I was going to start hitting doubles, but I had a second wind and crushed all the remaining sets. I followed that up with some shrugs, and then went back to focusing on military press from eye level. For anyone following along, this is the sticking point for me, so I want to train through it.

I decided I’d move up my close grip bench sooner in my workout (i.e. the first tricep exercise). My excuse has always been that my chest starts to dominate, but the reality is, it’s a big-ass compound movement I should get in sooner to capitalize on. So that’s exactly what I did. I followed that up with some cable work for my triceps, and they’re pooched right now. The constant tension underhand pulldowns scorch my triceps. I’m pretty sure I impressed a total of one girl tonight, so I’ll take it. That’s about one more than usual.

Tonight’s picture is all the meat I just ordered. $90 for 10 kg of chicken and beef. I’ve had the grain-fed chicken before and it’s amazing. This will be my first time trying this place’s ground beef out, but I have high expectations based on the chicken.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Standing Military Press2 x 8Bar
2 x 365
2 x 395
1 x 3115
8 x 3130
Snatch Grip Barbell Shrugs3 x 8135Super sets of the lateral dumbbell raises between all these sets
Barbell Shrugs2 x 8225
Lateral Dumbbell Raises5 x 625
Standing Military Press2 x 365From eye level. 3 second hold at top and bottom of ROM. Superset with upright plate rows.
2 x 385
2 x 3105
Upright Plate Rows5 x 635
Close Grip Benchpress1 x 5135
3 x 3155
1 x 5135
2H Overhead Rope Extension3 x 1225Superset with overhand cable pushdowns.
2H Overhand Cable Pushdown3 x 1237.5
Rope Pulldowns3 x 1025Superset with underhand cable pulldowns.
2H Constant-Tension Cable Underhand Pulldown3 x 1030Like normal ones but with my elbows extended outfront so top/bottom of ROM has tension.
Stairmaster10 minutesMedium Pace

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