High Carb – Nutrition Log – Tuesday

High Carb - Nutrition Log - TuesdayHigh Carb Nutrition Log

Today was another pretty standard high carb day. I got my extra bagel in like I planned (basically an extra bagel + peanut butter on every day that isn’t low carb) so I’ll continue to monitor to see if my weight goes up over a couple weeks. If not, I’ll slowly add more.

Tomorrow will be the first low carb day I document. It’ll be interesting to see just how much protein I’ll be getting in on these days. I’m expecting to hit around 225-250g of protein. I won’t have calories coming from much else aside from a bit of fat. My low carb days always make the following high carb day feel like the best day ever.

That’s it for this log though, nothing spectacular.

What I Ate

  • 5g fish oil, 5000 IU vitamin D
  • 1 cup granola, 25g whey
  • Maple BBQ chicken, pita, mixed greens salad
  • Half 12 grain bagel + natty  peanut butter
  • Half 12 grain bagel + natty  peanut butter
  • Maple BBQ chicken, rice
  • Pre-workout shake (12g maltodextrin, 12g dextrose, 50g whey)
  • Post-workout shake (25g maltodextrin, 12g dextrose, 50g whey)
  • 5g fish oil, multi-vitamin, ZMA



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