High Carb – Nutrition Log – Monday

High Carb - Nutrition Log - MondayHigh Carb Nutrition Log

I figured I’d start keeping food journals as I try to pack on a few more pounds. I’m going to start off pretty general since I know how crazy it can be writing down everything you put in your face. I’ve been there and I don’t think it’s all that beneficial. If I start to get “stuck” with gaining or losing that’s when I’ll really refine things.

Today was a high carb day for me. High, but just a little bit less high than on a volume squatting day where I’m willing to go a bit over the top with my macros. I had prepped a bunch of sole and rice, so I had that today. I also decided I’d up my calories a bit by having a bagel with peanut butter through out the day. Start small and increase over time. The last thing worth mentioning is that since I’m tracking food, I actually made sure I had some greens. Usually I say f*ck that noise.

What I Ate

  • 1 cup granola, 25g whey
  • Sole chunks, rice, mixed greens salad
  • Half 12 grain bagel + natty ┬ápeanut butter
  • Half 12 grain bagel + natty ┬ápeanut butter
  • Sole chunks, rice
  • Pre-workout shake (12g maltodextrin, 12g dextrose, 25g whey)
  • Post-workout shake (25g maltodextrin, 12g dextrose, 50g whey)



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