Chest and Back B – Lifting Log

Chest and Back Variation B - Lifting Log - Phase 1

Chest and Back Variation B

Tonight was a solid chest workout with my main lift being incline bench.  I started 5×5 work and it felt great. Took learnings from my fourth phase last cycle and started 4×8 for rows. I even got to casually observe one of the hottest girls at my gym lifting tonight. Totally not creepy.

I started off my chest workout by doing a couple triples on incline bench. I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to end up for my working sets for 5×5, but I figured 175 would be decent. I did two sets at this weight and realized I might have overshot it. I dropped 5 lbs and was able to finish it off. I think next phase I’ll keep it at 170 the whole way through.

After my incline chest workout and my flat dumbbells, I moved onto heavy dumbbell rows. As I mentioned, I took learnings from last time around and decided to go with 4×8 at a slightly heavier weight. I was flooding the ground with sweat, but my arms weren’t fried from trying to do a few too many reps at once.

The rest of the workout came together nicely. I finished up with some barbell rows and some TBar rows. I was able to get a really good squeeze on my overhand barbell rows and the TBars, so I was happy with that. I can already tell my chest and back are going to be hurtin’ tomorrow night, and I’m pumped for that.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Incline Bench1 x 5Bar
1 x 3135
1 x 3155
1 x 3170
2 x 5175** A bit too heavy for 5x5 right now
3 x 5170
Flat Dumbbell Press1 x 1070
1 x 970
1 x 870
Dumbbell Rows5 x 880
Cable Flyes1 x 2022.5
1 x 1522.5
1 x 1022.5
Barbell Rows (Overhand)2 x 8135
Barbell Rows (Underhand)2 x 8155
Chest Supported T-Bar Row (Wide + Close)2 x (6 + 6)70
Stairmaster10 minutesMedium Pace

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