Shoulders and Triceps A – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps Variation A - Lifting Log - Phase 1

Shoulders and Triceps Variation A

Tonight’s goal was to light my shoulders and triceps up. Despite being a little bit too opportunistic on my first working set, I feel like I has a solid session. Even trained some of my military press weaknesses.

After warming up with some arnold presses, my shoulders were good to go. I ramped up a couple sets with the dumbbells until I got to my first working set for seated dumbbell press. As I mentioned, I feel like I was a bit too opportunistic here. My target is 3×5 at the prescribed weight, but personally, if I can consistently hit 3×8, I’m going to bump the weight up (5lbs on a dumbbell from 65 to 70 is a big jump). So when I had got 7 reps up I figured, shit, this could be the first time I nail 3×8. So I went for it. The result? The following two sets were lackluster in terms of number of reps. Lesson learned though.

I decided that instead of doing normal skull crushers, I’d take this phase to vary the angle I sit at to get more time under tension ofr my triceps. I put the bench at a bit of an incline and tried to fry my triceps this way. Not so great though. I’m a bit too short to use the bench this way. I think for the rest of this cycle I’ll just try doing a french press for my triceps instead.

From there, I went on to train the military press, but specifically where my weak point is. Directly in front of my eyes. Every set started off by getting the bar off my chest to in front of my eyes, and then doing the subsequent reps from this location. The goal is to get used to pushing through this spot.

The next big change is that I moved up where I do close grip bench press. Notice how I haven’t mentioned any cable work for my triceps yet? After I mentioned it previously, I figured it’s silly that I’m not getting this compound movement in sooner. So that’s just what I did. Operation frycep-my-triceps complete. I followed this up with all of my cable work.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Seated Dumbbell Press1 x 545Warmup with some arnold pressing with light weight before this
1 x 555
1 x 865** Might have went a bit too hard on this (judging by third set)
1 x 665
1 x 565
Incline Skull Crushers3 x 1250
Standing Military Press1 x 10barSuperset with bent over rear delt dumbbell flyes
2 x (3 + 2)655 second hold in front of eyes full reps after
2 x (3 + 2)85
2 x 3105
Bent Over Rear Delt Dumbbell Flyes2 x 625
3 x 620
Close Grip Bench1 x 3135
2 x 3155
Rope Pulldowns1 x 2022.5Superset with rear delt cables
1 x 1625
1 x 1327.5
Bent Over Rear Delt Cables3 x 812.5
2 Hand Cable Pressdowns (Overhand)1 x 1642.5Superset over and under
1 x 1237.5
1 x 1037.5
Constant Tension 2 Hand Cable Pulldowns (Underhand)1 x 832.5
1 x 827.5
1 x 832.5
Angled Cable Rows3 x 1260Twisted my grip so that I could pull with my shoulders and upper back
Stairmaster10 minutesMedium Pace

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