Shoulders and Triceps B – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps B - Lifting Log - Phase 4

Shoulders and Triceps Variation B

So to start off, tonight was another failed max attempt in my shoulder workout for military press. Not a complete failure though… I did learn that my sticking point has shifted from off my chest to in front of my eyes. I’ll have to look up or ask around for what muscle group I should be targeting for that.

Learning from my recent max attempts, I stuck to triples when activating my shoulders, except instead of my two-sets-per-weight (to get some volume in) I cut it down to one. Legitimate ramping for my shoulders. I was able to hit a plate per side for two reps pretty easily, which was nice. I figured the jump from there (135) to 160 (which would beat my previous PR by 5 lbs) was a bit too big, so I wanted to go 150 then 160. I loaded up the par and managed to get 150 up. It felt hard, but I didn’t get stuck, which was nice. I knew 160 was going to get hard, but I hadn’t exhausted my shoulders like I usually do, so I felt like I could give it a whirl. On both attempts, when I picked the bar up onto my shelf, I could tell it was going to be borderline impossible. I always try to get it from my shelf to moving as fast as possible (i.e. I don’t walk the bar out, hang around for a few minutes, and then try to press it up). So from my shelf, I was actually able to get the bar up to eye level before getting “pinned” there. I was pretty let down, but I did nail an easy triple (almost 4 reps) at 135 afterward as I rage-quit.

The rest of the workout was basically half-assed, unfortunately. Tonight was one of those nights where I had a few familiar faces talking with me, so after 10-20 minutes gets killed from that in the whole workout, it’s hard to focus (and I don’t want to be in the gym until 11 since I work early and write these stupid logs after I lift). Anyway, I hit some tris and didn’t too too much shoulder accessory work. Well, not much compared to my usual shoulder assult.

That’s the last real training session in phase 4 for me. Tomorrow is volume squatting to finish off the whole cycle (I don’t call that training since I’m not really strength training there) and then the next cycle will begin right after! Probably changing squats and military press to triples (from 531-ish rep scheme and 5×5, respectively).

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Standing Military Press2 x 5Bar
2 x 365
2 x 395
1 x 3115
1 x 2135
1 x 1150
2 x 0160Two failed attempts at 160... Stuck at eye level.
1 x 3135
Barbell Shrugs3 x 8135Super sets of the lateral dumbbell raises between all these sets
2 x 8225
Lateral Dumbbell Raises4 x 625
Standing Military Press4 x 685Special sets. Didn't go below eye level. After each rep held for one additional second at eye level.
Rope Cable Pulldown1 x 1222.5
1 x 1225
2 x 1627.5
1 x 1030
1H Cable Pulldowns3 x 815
2H Constant-Tension Cable Underhand Pulldown3 x 1030Like normal ones but with my elbows extended outfront so top/bottom of ROM has tension.
Stairmaster5 minutesQuick Pace

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